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Employment Law For Employers And Workers

Each party has a lot at stake in any dispute in employment and labor law. Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to get help from a lawyer with experience in this complex area of the law.

At Albut Law PC in San Diego, California, we represent employers, employees and other clients in litigation and transactional matters covering a range of issues, including:

  • Compliance
  • Employment contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Unlawful discrimination
  • Contractor/employee issues

We have represented individuals, small businesses, medium and larger businesses, and other types of clients. In every case, we work hard to help our clients resolve their current issues and prevent potential future problems.

Employment Law For Employers

Many entrepreneurs start out with a shoestring budget, and begin thinking about employment contracts and other legal affairs only once their business has grown. This can lead to some major headaches and expensive legal problems.

We help new businesses start off on the right foot with skilled help in business formation and planning. We also help draft employment contracts and handbooks, and advise employers on compliance issues.

When disputes arise, we draw on our experience in employment law and business litigation to resolve issues as efficiently as possible, so that business clients can concentrate on doing what they do best.

Employment Law For Workers

State, local and federal laws provide many protections for workers, but standing up for your rights as an employee is not easy. It is important to seek out help from a skilled employment law attorney.

We stand up for workers who have been unlawfully mistreated, helping them through bureaucratic and legal hurdles, and arguing on their behalf in negotiations or in court.

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