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Strategic, Tenacious Representation In Contract Litigation

Contracts are the glue that holds any business relationship together. They clearly lay out expectations for both parties as well as what happens if one party fails to meet those expectations. If your business has run into a contract issue, including breach of contract, it is critical to work with an attorney who will aggressively advocate for your rights and interests.

In the San Diego area, the firm to call is Albut Law, PC. Attorney Christian J. Albut is a skilled litigator with nearly 10 years of courtroom experience. He will work tirelessly to help you enforce the terms of a contract and hold the other party liable for violating it.

Understanding The Different Types Of Contract Breaches

Attorney Albut can help you with any of the four basic breaches of contract. They include:

A fundamental breach: A breach significant enough that the victim of the breach may sue the other party for damages and has the option to terminate the contract.

Anticipatory breach: The same as a fundamental breach but involving preemptive action on the part of the victim party. If the victim learns that the other party is going to breach the contract in the future, they can sue to terminate the contract and to seek damages.

A material breach: Wherein one party fails to fulfill a part of a contract, resulting in the victim receiving a significantly reduced benefit than what was promised in the contract. The victim can sue the other party for damages related to the breach.

A partial (or immaterial) breach: The breaching party fulfills the contract but fails to meet some obligation within it. The victim can sue for damages but can only collect if they can prove that they suffered financial losses due to the breach.

Not Sure If You Have A Case? Discuss It With An Attorney For Free.

The best way to understand your legal options in a contract dispute is to discuss them with a business law attorney. Albut Law offers free initial consultations to prospective clients throughout California. To schedule yours, call the office in San Diego at 619-826-8316 or fill out an online contact form.